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I object your face!

W e l c o m e  t o  m y  r o c o c o - y a o i - g o r e   g a r d e n !

.Wilkommen to meine rococo-yaoi-gore garten! (still not good enough in deutsch).
! Bienvenue dans mon jardin rococo-yaoi-gore !

Finally, i did it, my own LJ. I don't know if it will survive for too long, but i hope so!
In this super special awesome journal you will find:

~Sladin (SladexRobin)
~Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright (especially NickxMiles)
~Harry Potter (SiriusxSeverus & GellertxAlbus)
~Death Note (Stupid comics named "The Real Story Of Death Note)
~My original projects (Genjibun, No More Lust For Gabrielle, J'écris ton nom, Any Title)
~My geeky life
~Others ( Hotel Dusk, Yugiho the abridged series, Smash Bros, House MD etc...)

Have a nice day, and please feed me with comments if you have the time, i'm so hungry >w<

(Slade Wilson younger (?) yay for the first pic)